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10 Most Famous and Lip Smacking Street Foods From Top Indian Cities

Top Indian Street Foods

10 Most Famous and Lip Smacking Street Foods From Top Indian Cities

Savouring street food is a heavenly experience for foodies! Easier on the pocket, these delicacies taste heavenly and can be enjoyed while walking down the supermarket or a random strolling. Right from the aroma to the taste, street food is simply irresistible.

Here are top 10 street foods from cities of India you must try!

1. Chole Bhature – Delhi


The capital city of India is a hot favourite among foodies. The city is one the best places to have street food. Chole bhature, a Punjabi dish is the most popular here and commonly eaten for breakfast or as a snack.

2. Litti Chokha – Patna


One of the traditional cuisines of the state, Litti Chokha is eaten as breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It comprises of a spicy curry (chokha) prepared from brinjal or mashed potato. It is served with Litti (bread balls made from grams). The mouthwatering cuisine is enjoyed best with a spoonful of ghee. Available all across the streets of Patna, this amazing delicacy is a must try.

3. Poha-Jalebi – Indore


The largest city and commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh state of India, Indore is widely renowned for its culinary rang. People from all over the country visit the city to relish the variety of namkeens, chaats, samosa, lapsi, and bafla served here. When it comes to street food, Poha-Jalebi is the most popular of all. It is a specialty of Indore. Served with sev, nukti and crisp jalebis, the poha-jalebi served here are the best in the world.

4. Vada Pao – Mumbai


<>The Indian sibling of popular burgers served in western countries, Vada Pav is the most popular street food of Mumbai. It is the most loved and staple food item of the city. Most people here, literally live on Vada Pav. It comprises of fried potato dumplings known as vada stuffed inside a bun (pav) with some chutney and fried green chillies.

5. Dabeli – Ahmedabad


Ever tried Dabeli? Well, this is an amazing street food served in Ahmedabad. The street food has originated from the Kutch region of Gujarat. The spicy snacks item is prepared using boiled potatoes with a special secret mix of dabeli spices. These spices are then filled in potato mixture which finally gets sandwiched between the pav.

6. Momo – Darjeeling


This delicacy has travelled all the way from the streets of Nepal and embraced by India. The steamed dumpling is prepared with a huge variety of fillings (both vegetarian and non vegetarian). It is served with very spicy red chutney. Darjeeling, the gateway to the North East is known for serving the tastiest authentic momos.

7. Moong Dal Bhajiya – Delhi


The spicy tangy delicious street food is served crisp on the outside and soft inside.

It is served with red and green chutney garnished with grated radish and freshly chopped coriander. This famous north Indian snack is a must try for all.

8. Akki Roti from Bangalore

Akki roti

It is the specialty of Bangalore. The tasty spicy bread is prepared from rice flour. Served with freshly prepared coconut chutney, the delicious street food from the tech city is very popular and widely savoured tiffin snack. It can be prepared in a jiffy and tastes divine. When it Bangalore, do not leave without having a taste of this amazing street food .

9. Egg Rolls from Kolkatta


Head straight to the capital city of West Bengal for the best egg rolls in India. Painstakingly prepared, these taste divine and are a hot favourite among food lovers. This Kolkata street food has a fried egg wrapped inside a nicely prepared paratha. It is served with chutney or sour dipping sauce. Available in almost all roadside stalls, these are a must try.

10. Kebabs from Lucknow


The capital of Uttar Pradesh promises some of the most lip smacking street food options for its visitors. It is a great place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The kebabs from the city of Nawabs is worth trying. From the delectable galouti kebabs to mouthwatering kormas and sheermaal, you would not have enough of kebabs. The most famous of all is the ‘tunde ke kebab’ served with minced lamb. Lucknow is a Mecca for food lovers!

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